Hello Sister!

Thank you for your interest in the Elite Evolutionary Women's Retreat.

I consider you an Elite Woman and this is an invite only experience.

Please complete this application and be as open and honest as possible so I can determine if this retreat will be the right fit to support you in your mission and leadership at this time.

After completion, you'll hear from me soon after.

Thanks again and I look forward to supporting you in your journey.

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Which one of these describes you best as an Elite Woman? *

What is your biggest accomplishment?
Share a brief story about you and your life as an Elite Woman. *

What do you believe your mission and vision is? *

What do you believe you were put on this planet to be doing? *

What is your biggest challenge and struggle in producing your mission and vision? *

Which one of these describes your relationship to Spirituality closest? *

What do you bring to the sisterhood of Elite Women? *

What would you like to get out of the Retreat and Sisterhood of Elite Women? *

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